Young Believers (YB)

Mission Statement

The Children’s Formation Ministry assists FFCC children in finding God in their lives and to grow in their awareness of God’s great love for them through Jesus Christ, with the help of volunteers from the community. The Children's Formation Ministry, guided by the Holy Spirit, helps in preparing Christ-like leaders and instruments of hope, to support FFCC’s vision and mission to be a community of disciples on mission.

FFCC Children’s Formation Ministry believes that:

  • Children are a real gift from the Lord
  • Jesus calls even the little children to have this special relationship with him
  • Children can grow in their love and trust for God through a meaningful relationship with parents and other kids in community
  • In training up the children in the ways of the Lord they will be responsible at home and in school
  • Children need a healthy concept of themselves, which may be enhanced by their parents as primary role models and also by secondary role models from the FFCC community
  • Our children’s God-given gifts and talent s need to be recognized and nurtured in a healthy Christian environment that is fun and life-giving.

The Program

There are four main areas of focus:

1. Spirituality

  • Scripture brought to life- learning the faith thru storytelling, play-acting
  • Practicing virtuesLearning about the saints and their holy lives
  • Application of learning- sharing of how learning for the month was applied at home and at school.

2. Fellowship

  • Monthly meeting during assembly
  • Sharing of experiences
  • Annual offsite fellowship activities (i.e. PJ party)
  • Annual field trip

3. Service

  • Serving one another during meetings
  • Older kids responsible for assisting teacher volunteers and getting snacks for the younger ones

4. Community Building

  • Explaining community life and its importance
  • Joining in the community’s fellowship activities (i.e. picnic, Christmas party)

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