Young Ones (YO)


The FFCC Young Ones (YO!) is a youth ministry of the Families for Christ Community.

Our mission is to bring ourselves, the youth, into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our God.

We believe that it is at this stage in our lives, when we begin to ponder questions about our identity, when we are faced with pressures from different directions, that we need to build a strong foundation in our Christian faith by discovering Jesus in a personal way.

The current membership of Young Ones ministry is comprised of Grade 8 to Grade 12 students aged 13-18.


The FFCC Young Ones holds two meetings every month. The first is a devotional meeting where members participate in worship, sharing and bible teaching. This is where we learn God's word as it relates to our lives.  The second is a recreational meeting where members participate in various activities such as basketball, bowling, etc. The purpose of this meeting is to provide balance to the youth's life, to have fun together, and to develop a strong bond among members.

In God's grace and in prayer, we have faith that His work through the FFCC Young Ones will continue to grow.

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